Welcome to the ticket page of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020. At this page you will find the available tickets for each sport and session per day.

To make it easier to navigate, you can also view your favorite sport and order tickets for a day of your choice. Click on the button ‘ticketing brochure’ for an overview of all sports and ticket prices. For hospitality packages, click here

The ticket sales for the Opening and Closing Ceremony will be announced closer to time. The ticket sales for swimming will also start closer to time, depending on the number of competitors that eventually will be taking part in this sport. The Zuiderpark is freely available and there are no tickets needed for cycling as this sport is free of charge.

The number of tickets¬† currently available in the ticket shop, is not the total amount of tickets. Closer to the Games, new ticket badges will be available on our website. So don’t worry if sessions are sold out at this moment, more tickets will be available in the future. Follow our social media channels for additional updates.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Invictus Games Park (Zuiderpark) in May 2020.

In the diagram below you find a schedule of the different sports per day.

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  • Do I have access to all sports with a dayticket?

    No, a dayticket gives access to all sessions of a particular sport on a specific day.

  • Can I bring a helper to the wheelchair platform?

    Every visitor needs his or her own ticket. This means that, for a visitor in a wheelchair and an accompanist/helper, you need to order 2 wheelchair tickets. Due to limited availability on a wheelchair platform, each visitor in a wheelchair can only bring 1 accompanist on the platform. Seats are available for the accompanist/helper.

  • Are the venues fixed seating?

    No, all tickets have flexible seating.

  • Are children free of charge?

    The Invictus Games Park (Zuiderpark) is free of charge for everybody. You only need tickets for watching the competitions in the grand stands at the sports venues.

    Children up to the age of 4 are free of charge, but they don’t have their own seat.

    Junior tickets are valid for children under 18 years.

  • I placed an order but have not received my tickets, what now?

    If you did not receive tickets or confirmation email, please contact our ticketpartner CM.com via support.tickets@cm.com

  • When do the tickets for the opening and closing ceremony go on sale?

    The expected time to start the ticket sales is medio February 2020.