Webinar Warrior Care in the 21th Century

Join us! – ‘Warrior Care in and after the pandemic’

“Warrior Care in the 21th century” is a webinar about military-medical developments for the (post) active military and veteran. The theme “Once a Warrior always a Warrior” resonates to the title of a book that was written ten years ago by American psychiatrist / internist Col (ret) Charles Hoge. It concerns the entire chain of care, preparation, care during secondment and aftercare during and after transition. There will be series of conversations with a range of disciplines, from sports medicine, (trauma) surgery, rehabilitation to mental health care.

Global Sharing of Best Practices

Established in 2015, the Warrior Care in the 21st Century coalition supports global sharing of warrior care best practices and lessons learned. Health providers are able to identify viable and innovative solutions to current and future challenges in the areas of resilience, recovery and rehabilitation, and reintegration.
Medical advances and research have led to decreased fatality rates of service members, but new challenges require innovative, yet proven, solutions. Warrior Care in the 21st Century is a significant step toward building partner capacity, improving interagency interoperability, and expanding delivery of medical and nonmedical treatments and therapies to wounded, ill and injured service members who have sacrificed so much.

Senior military and civilian representatives worldwide will join Air vice-marshal Rich Withnall, chair of the Warrior Care of the 21st Century and Commodore Remco Blom, Dutch Surgeon General as leaders from the Defense organisation and Officials of the Netherlands Veterans Institute and National Health Care Systems for Veterans at the meeting. The group will discuss current and future care for service members, veterans, families and caregivers.

Date: June 3rd, 2021
Timing: 13.45 – 17.20 Central European Time (CET)

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