Sustainability, an important theme during and after the Invictus Games

If the Invictus Games Den Haag 2020, presented by Jaguar Land Rover have taught us one thing, it is that we still must even look closer after each other. And the environment. The organization of these Games anticipated on that by addressing themes like sustainability. It’s important to leave a legacy. Some examples.

220 bikes

The past weeks, more specifically during the tournament week from April 15th until April 22nd, the organizing committee moved around the city of The Hague not by car, but by bike. The orange bikes, no less than 220 and very eye-catching, could hardly be missed. Many people who still took their car even for short drives, discovered the huge benefits of using a bike to move around town and will continue to take the bike after the Invictus Games.

Electric cars

If cars were needed, one could fall back to electric cars from Jaguar Land Rover. The presenting partner used multiple plug-in hybrids (PHEV’s), that while in electric EV-mode emit zero emission which makes them exceptionally useful for travel from home to work and short drives through town. With this they contributed to the ambition of the Invictus Games to minimalize the ecological footprint.

Sustainable power

Shell supported the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 so that the event could be organized using sustainable and clean energy. The supply came from green energy generated in The Netherlands. The City of The Hague and Stedin realized permanent power connectors at the Zuiderpark for future events to use. Eneco supplied the green energy based on their contract with the City of The Hague. To use the power connectors as efficiently as possible six Battery Box systems from Bredenoord were installed especially for the Invictus Games. Given the scale of the event, generators were also needed as a back-up and for peak moments. These generators worked on GtL (Gas to Liquid) fuel. This version of diesel consists of natural gas and gives locally the lowest emission. The CO2 footprint of this fuel was compensated.

Johan Cruyff Court

Especially for the Invictus Games a mobile Johan Cruyff Court was realized in the Zuiderpark. At that field demonstrations of numerous different adapted sports were given. The public could participate as well. In the nearby district Escamp there has been a Cruyff Court for several years now. Good chance that visitors of the Invictus Games from the neighborhood will be using their Cruyff Court for even more sportive purposes.


Thousands of schoolkids paid a visit to the Invictus Games last week, and thousands more reflected on the games with a special educational package. The Respect Foundation, which has the mission to make society a better place by working with the youngsters on self-respect, respecting each other, and respect the world around them, developed two lessons specifically for the Invictus Games. Those lessons were developed for children in the Upper Elementary classes and first year of secondary school in both regular and special education. These lessons address themes like ‘what does it mean to be in the military fighting for peace?’ Another topic is the invincibility of humanity, own powers, cooperation and the importance of sport. ‘To be invincible you need a super team.’


Unsurprisingly the organization worked among other things with recyclable glasses during the event. Volunteers sewed bags using some of the banners and flags in the park, which were then handed out to international guests as a gift.

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