• What are the Invictus Games?

    The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women, both serving and veterans. The Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect of all those who serve their country.

    The word ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post injury.Please click here to find out more.

  • Why is the Invictus Games rescheduled?

    In light of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been taken that the Invictus Games The Hague 2020, presented by Jaguar Land Rover, can no longer take place as planned in May of this year.

  • Why are you making this decision now, and not waiting until closer to the time?

    The decision was always going to be reviewed at this time, as nations needed to plan travel and training with certainty in the build up to the Games. Of course, it may be that we get to May/June this year and are faced with a different situation than where we are now, but the intent is to be able to be sure and confident in doing what’s best for those taking part.

  • What are the other events you are planning instead?

    We will be announcing these in due course as our priority has been to focus on the future of the Games. As we move forward, we will be looking to announce new partnerships and more digital opportunities to support the recovery journey of the competitors, until such a time as we can travel again.

  • Will all nations travel to The Hague next year?

    In consultations with the teams, all twenty have indicated their preference for the postponement and added their support for attending next year.

  • What about Dusseldorf 2023?

    The Organising Committee for the Invictus Games Dusseldorf 2023 were also consulted and will still deliver their Games in 2023 as planned.

  • When and where are the Invictus Games in 2022?

    The fifth edition of the Invictus Games will take place in Zuiderpark The Hague, The Netherlands during the Spring of 2022.

  • When will you know the dates?

    As you might imagine, there are many events due to take place that were either rescheduled or already in the diary. We will be announcing the dates when we can be certain that we are able to deliver the necessary infrastructure.

  • When will ticket sales start for the Invictus Games in 2022?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a new date for the Invictus Games The Hague in 2022. Because much is still unclear about what the world will look like next year, we do not expect to start ticket sales until January 2022. When the ticket sales start, we will inform you through our newsletter, this website, our social media channels and media partners.

  • Will the Invictus Games be organised with or without an audience in 2022?

    It is our intention to organise the Invictus Games The Hague with general public. Obviously, this depends on the measures then in force around the Covid-19 virus.

  • Will my tickets remain valid for the rescheduled date of this Invictus Games?

    All tickets will be refunded. All ticket holders of 2020 will be able to buy tickets in the presale first. They have all received an email with more information.

  • Will the competitors stay the same as the 2020 edition?

    We refer to the team management of the participating nations who compose the teams.

  • Will the branding change?

    We are still exploring whether we will be making any changes to the name or logo, based on ensuring we don’t incur significant costs for those taking part who have already created materials.

  • Are all of your partners onboard for 2022?

    We are talking to all our stakeholders, partners, sponsors and suppliers whether they are willing to continue their support for 2022 and maybe even increase the budget slightly to be able to accumulate the same budget again. So far the response of our partners is heartwarming.

  • Will I get a ticket refund?

    All tickets will be refunded. All ticket holders of 2020 will be able to buy tickets in the presale first. They have all received an email with more information.

  • Will I still be a volunteer next year?

    In the upcoming weeks, we will focus on formulating new plans. For example, we hope to set a new Invictus Games date and make a new volunteer program. This will take some time, but as soon as we have more information, we will contact you. If you are interested to volunteer next year, you will be the first in line. If you are willing to continue your support, you are more than welcome.

  • Will the sports program stay the same next year?

    Our intent is to deliver the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 model in 2022.

  • Are the Invictus Games different and/or similar to other major sports events, such as the Olympics, the Paralympics, etc?

    Its not about winning, the Invictus Games are about recovery for (ex) military / service personnel, after being wounded sick or ill.

  • Can I still compete next year?

    We refer to the team management of the participating nations who compose the teams.

  • I might not be serving next year, will I still be eligible?

    We refer to the team management of the participating nations who compose the teams.

  • Where can I find more information about hospitality/sponsoring possibilities?

    We are excited to be accompanied on the journey of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 by Invictus Games partners. Their support not only helps us deliver a great Games, but also builds initiatives that inspire connected, healthy and active lifestyles for those facing both physical and mental health challenges. The organising committee is currently offering various partnerships opportunities. Do you want to become part of the Invictus Games The Hague 2020? Your support will help us make a profound difference to the lives of wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women. Global as well as local partnerships for the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 are currently under negotiation. For interest please contact us at partnerships@invictusgames2020.nl